Five Basic ideas

Elderly Care

Independence support of elderly people needing moderate to heavy amounts of care in-home living by NOTE integrated community care system as core of a special elderly nursing home.

It becomes a topic in Japan which one of five people is over 75 years old and one of three people is over 65 years old in 2025 so that various examinations and preparations are pushed forward.

To overcome this problem, we need a service model that elderly people needing moderate to heavy amounts of care can continue in home living. Therefore, NOTE Social Welfare Corporation divided six wards in Sapporo into the three area and will establish an office in each junior high school precinct with following what government proposed the core of integrated community care system such as "Multifunctional long-term care in a small group home" and" Regular home visitation and as-needed visitation both caring and nursing".

When we could not support the elderly needing severe care in their house, we offer the back-up system which they temporally use our special elderly nursing home with high quality care until their condition get better. Those 3 divisional headquarters in NOTE Social Welfare Corporation runs each the special elderly nursing home. And, NOTE Social Welfare corporation has developed “NOTE integrated community care system as core of a special elderly nursing home”. We received the best evaluation about the integrated community care system from inside and outside the country and we will move forward to complete the system.

Development of human resources in the field of medical and welfare

We promote personnel training of the medical welfare to be required in our society so that Japan Health Care College will be developed as a university in the category of medical welfare.

We established Japan Health Care College and held the department of Health medical care, Nursing course in April 2014. Also, we opened the department of Health medical care, Rehabilitation course in April 2015. Then, we opened Medical Radiology course in April 2016. In the future, we are planning to open the department of social welfare and to be developed as a university of field of medical welfare.

Employment support system for the disabled and the elderly

We support the social independence and securing of the chance of employment for people with a disability and elderly through an offer at the working support for both the disabled and elderly.

We, as whole our group, support the employment of people with a disability to work and independent.

NOTE Social Welfare Corporation run and management the Employment Support Offices for the Disabled, “Nakama” Shinei. Then, people with a disability are engaged in food preparation assistance at Central Kitchen, waiter or waitress at grill “Yosei no oka”, cleaning work and food preparation assistance at Japan Health Care College, farm work of Tsushima Farm.

Nonprofit Organization Senior Active provides the job opportunity for elderly people. There are over 100 staffs that 80% of them are age of 60 or older and 20% of them is over 70years old. They are lively working for Facilities management in Andersen welfare village, driving for users of day care, or driver of NOTE Care Taxi.

Development new style agriculture and fishery with hot springs

We promote safe food supply by aqua culture and advance tiger puffer raising as daily high-quality ingredients.

Agricultural Production Corporation Tsushima Farm is planning the large water culture by multi-layered air house on the field of company in Kiyota-ku Sapporo to aim at the safe vegetables agriculture with work force of people with a disability.

Also, we are planning to sell tiger puffer from Andersen Welfare Village as a brand by raising them with using hot springs in our village.

Staffs who work in the Employment Support Offices for the Disabled and Nonprofit Organization Senior Active are engaged in feeding, measurement of water temperature, and the salinity measurement so that we will spread the highest quality of tiger puffer as daily ingredient in Hokkaido.

Revitalization of a town

We support cities, towns, and villages which population remarkably decline by showing our total power.

There are rumors about the issue of population decline except a metropolis of Japan. Especially in Hokkaido the population in 2010 was about 5.51 million, but people estimate 4.19 million in 2040 by decreasing all over cities, towns, and villages.

Holding 7 businesses such as elderly care, development human resources in the field of medical and welfare, promotion of elderly employment, agriculture, and cultivation will support to prevent from the decline of population in the cities, towns, and villages. For example, Japanese CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community), or Job creation program.