Corporation Philosophy

We aim for the realization of community
which everyone included the elderly
and the disabled becomes self-reliant and lives in dignity.

Tsushima Health Care and Welfare group 代表 対馬 徳昭
CEO of Tsushima Health Care & Welfare Group
Noriaki Tsushima

First, we established "social welfare corporation Sapporo Eiju-kai" (existing NOTE Social Welfare Corporation) in May, 1983. Thereafter, we also operate various facilities of elderly care and an incorporated educational institution to develop human resources of the necessary medical welfare for 21st century. Thus, we have created the new style of health care and welfare group to look ahead for future elderly care and development of human resources.

We, NOTE Social Welfare Corporation, worked on the diversification of facilities by home helping with a pioneer spirit since we established "Koei no sato" which is the first special elderly nursing home in Toyohira-ku, Sapporo in February 1984 "Home-Visit at night for Long-Term Care" and "Regular home visitation and as-needed visitation both caring and nursing" that we developed came to become the system of Japan.

In Andersen welfare village (Kiyota-ku, Sapporo) on the land of 76,000 square meters of total areas as our headquarters, we created a community with elderly care facilities of NOTE Social Welfare Corporation, the school buildings of Japan Health Care College, and the Employment Support Offices for the Disabled in order to practice our corporate philosophy which we learned in Denmark.

Students of the Japan Health Care College and elderly people communicate on the daily basis. And people with a disability are engaged in cooking or cleaning in elderly facilities. So we make them realize the principle of "normalization" to live independently.

In Japan, one of four people reaches age of 65 or older such as a super aged society, and the correspondence to elderly people is demanded now. Japanese Health Care College opened in April 2014 has studied about dementia as a world problem through the daily fieldwork in our campus with both field of medical and welfare.

NOTE Social Welfare Corporation performed many challenges to realize the hope of such people who want to continue living in their home and local area even when they need care. We are working on create and practice for “NOTE integrated community care system as core of a special elderly nursing home” for being an important policy of the government as ahead of Japan.

Our mission is “Normalization” for people who need how heavy care live normally as same as others without disability. Also we are moving on the future to construct of comfortable society for the elderly.