General Incorporated Foundation
Tsushima Health Care and Welfare Research Foundation

General Incorporated Foundation Tsushima Health care and welfare Research Foundation

Sapporo Office:
Andersen Welfare Village 434-1, Shinei, Kiyota-ku,
Sapporo, Hokkaido 004-0839
TEL: +81-11-885-8244 FAX:+81-11-885-8288
Tokyo Office:
Imai Hozen bldg. 2F, 3-32-10, Minami Otsuka,
Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005
TEL:+81-3-6907-4386 FAX:+81-3-3981-3585
Honorary President:
Tatsuya Hori
(Former Hokkaido governor)
President board of Director:
Noriaki Tsushima
(CEO of Tsushima Health Care & Welfare Group)
Chairman of the board of Director:
Terumi Tsushima
(Vice Chief Director of NOTE Social Welfare Corporation)
Vice President Board of Director:
Shuichi Nakamura
(President of Forum for Social Security,
and Former the chief of Social Welfare and War Victims'
Relief Bureau)
Masataka Koda
(Former Vice-minister Ministry of Health and Welfare)
Masako Tanaka
(Former Honorary President of The Japan Association of
Certified Care Workers)
Tomohisa Akiyama
(Professor of Tokyo University of Social Welfare)
Mamoru Ogita
(Managing Director of "Raising the quality of the
private company" A General Incorporated Association
National Nursing Care Business Providers Council)
Koichi Fukuda
(Managing Director of Sankei Overseas Travel Co., Ltd.)


The business setting of a certification of incorporation

We perform the furtherance for health care of the nation which is a study about dementia and working support for people with a disability.
  1. (1)The furtherance about the research of the prevention, treatment , and care about the disease to bring about a senile dementia or other condition of need for Long-Term care.
  2. (2)Further preparation and dissemination of accurate information about the disease to bring about a senile dementia or other condition of need for Long-Term care.
  3. (3)The tie-up with the Specialized Agencies about the disease to bring about a senile dementia or other need of Long-Term care state in the inside and outside of Japan and information exchange
  4. (4)The furtherance about training or other enlightenment of domestic and foreign talented people carrying the prevention of senile dementia and the disease to bring about another need of Long-Term care state
  5. (5)The furtherance for the person with a disability working support project
  6. (6)Training for Clerk on the Long-Term care insurance
  7. (7)Care technique instructor authorization business
  8. (8)Educational support project for the staff of health care and welfare
  9. (9)others, Business necessary for achievement of purpose of this foundation

Changed on 5th June 2015
Registration on 15th June 2015

Main Business

  1. Research Grant Program
    1. (1)Furtherance business to the domestic training
    2. (3)Furtherance business to the study of working people with a disability
  2. Overseas training
    Dispatch of staffs who are engaged in welfare, medical, and health care to welfare institution in Denmark or Australia.
  3. Further preparation and dissemination
    Holding of a symposium or lecture about the welfare and the medical care
  4. Clerk on the Long-Term care insurance qualified authorization business
    Authorization about an expert qualification of the health care insurance claim
  5. Instructor of health care authorization business
    Authorization about the expert of practical Health care technique as the leader of Long-Term care.

Corporate Philosophy

We develop business that a main research aid,
enlightenment spread the care of the elderly people.

Purpose of establish

We perform the study and aid for a treatment of dementia and other condition of needing for Long-Term care, and support Health Care and Welfare for the nation.