the Employment Support Offices for the Disabled
“Nakama” Shinei

the Employment Support Offices for the Disabled “Nakama” Shinei

Address: Andersen Welfare Village 434-25 Shinei, Kiyota-ku,
Sapporo, Hokkaido 004-0839

TEL: +81-11-375-7718 FAX:+81-11-375-7633

April, 2014
Maximum Number of employees (the disabled):


Food preparation assistance at Central Kitchen, Waiter or Waitress at grill “Yosei no oka”, Cleaning work and food preparation assistance at Japan Health Care College, farm work of Tsushima Farm,Care assistant at the elderly care facilities of NOTE Social Welfare Corporation.

Corporation Philosophy

We provide the opportunity of the working
for people with a disability. In addition, we help acquiring
the knowledge and technique for social independence.


Wouldn't you like to feel of joy to work with us?
「働く」よろこびを私たちと一緒に感じてみませんか? 「働く」よろこびを私たちと一緒に感じてみませんか?

The staff supports even if people have a disability to be able to work while feeling joy "to commit" with confidence as an employee lively.
It is the establishment of the atmosphere that coworkers talk each other “we did good job today”, “Let’s enjoy tomorrow as well”.